Immigrant Visa FAQs: Helpful Answers about Immigrant Visas

Here are some helpful answers to common questions about immigrant visas. This information is important to understand when applying for visas or visa extensions.

These immigrant visa FAQs highlight some the things that immigrants should know when applying for visas. For more info, contact the Los Angeles immigration attorneys at the Hanlon Law Group.

These immigrant visa FAQs highlight some the things that immigrants should know when applying for visas. For more info, contact the Los Angeles immigration attorneys at the Hanlon Law Group.


How much does an immigrant visa cost?

The cost of an immigrant visa will depend on the specific type of visa you are seeking. It will also depend on whether:

  • You are required to submit to biometrics, the finger printing and background check process, as part of the visa application process. If so, additional biometrics fees can apply.
  • Any mistakes are made with the visa application. If so, it may be necessary to resubmit the application and repay the required filing fee(s).

A current USCIS fee schedule, detailing the filing fees for different visa applications, is available here.

Contact an attorney at Hanlon Law Group, P.C. for more specific answers about what you can expect in terms of immigrant visa costs.


What should I bring to my visa interview?

Regardless of the type of visa that you are applying for, you will need to bring a copy of the IV Delivery Confirmation page, which will contain a computer-generated barcode, to the interview.

The other documents that will be necessary to take to the interview will depend on the specific type of visa that you are seeking. An experienced immigration attorney can explain what you should bring to your interview and help you compile all of the necessary paperwork to expedite the visa approval process.

A lawyer can also help you understand what kinds of questions to expect during the interview and help you prepare your answers.

How long will my visa be valid?

In general, immigrant visas are valid for 6 months from the interview date (unless the medical exam expires sooner).

If your immigrant visa is approved, this means you have 6 months from the date of your interview to enter the U.S. Permanent residency status can be granted once you enter the U.S.

How long is my medical exam valid?

Generally, medical exams are valid for 6 months. However, if a person has certain medical conditions, like tuberculosis, the medical exam can expire much sooner.

If a person is free from any health conditions, his medical exam can be good for an entire year if he undergoes a TB screening after 6 months.

What are the required vaccinations necessary for getting an immigrant visa?

For a complete list of the required vaccinations, click here.

What should I do if my visa expires?

If your visa expires before you have used it, you will likely need to contact a local U.S. embassy to figure out whether your visa can be reissued. If reissuing the visa is not an option, the embassy can inform you of what steps you need to take in order to reactivate the visa.

Given that this process can be complicated, it can be extremely helpful to work with an experienced immigration attorney to facilitate the process.

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