Los Angeles Asylum Immigration Lawyer

Contact the Los Angeles asylum immigration lawyers at the Hanlon Law Group to discuss your case and receive expert advice regarding your legal matters.

Contact the Los Angeles asylum immigration lawyers at the Hanlon Law Group to discuss your case and receive expert advice regarding your legal matters.

Following the Real ID Act of 2005 and other recent changes, people have to present much more evidence to support applications for political or religious asylum than ever before. Simply put, the federal government’s response to the events of September 11 changed everything regarding how asylum is applied for and granted. If you are seeking asylum in the United States, or a family member is, your attorney will need experience applying a variety of different strategies to be successful. At Hanlon Law Group, P.C., we understand how important it is to investigate the facts and prepare evidence clearly and thoroughly to help you get your request for asylum or temporary protected status approved by the USCIS.

We know what the USCIS is looking for

We know what the USCIS is looking for and we are able to find the most important facts regarding your application. We prepare you for what to expect and we make sure your application is complete, accurate and up to date. In short, we use our experience to present the facts in a way that is most favorable to your case. If you are considering filing for asylum for yourself or a family member, contact us first.

Who can apply for asylum?

Individuals who are in the United States may be granted asylum on a discretionary basis if it is determined that the applicant has suffered past persecution or has a “well-founded fear of persecution” on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a social group, or political opinion in their country of origin. People seeking asylum must establish their persecution on at least one of these five grounds. Asylum applications must be filed within one year after entry into the United States, with some exceptions being granted for extraordinary circumstances. We can also advise you on the legal requirements for refugee status.

Temporary Protected Status

Anyone whose life or freedom would be threatened in his or her own country on account of one of the five enumerated grounds of asylum is protected from removal under United States and international law. The United States offers Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to individuals from countries that have suffered natural disasters or that are undergoing war or severe civil unrest, forcing the displacement of citizens of that country. Temporary Protected Status is effective as long as the conditions persist in the country in question. We offer a free confidential initial consultation about your asylum application case. We accept all major credit cards. Payment plans may also be available.

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