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U.S. visa in a passport macro
U.S. visa in a passport macro

Federal immigration laws and regulations can be perplexing. Disputes related to delayed applications and decisions frequently arise between the USCIS and individuals or businesses filing for green card applications or work visas. In certain situations, initiating a lawsuit in Federal Court to challenge or prevent an unjust denial of an immigration application or seeking a Writ of Mandamus to urge the Government to act on a prolonged green card or citizenship application becomes essential to safeguard your rights.

If you’re facing a dispute, an issue on appeal, or striving to expedite action on your immigration matter, the immigration attorney at Hanlon Law Group, P.C., in Pasadena, California, is here to assist. With a wealth of litigation experience in immigration matters, we are poised to offer the expertise you need. Contact our office for a complimentary confidential consultation about your immigration concerns. We serve clients globally in immigration litigation and nationality law.

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Reach out to our Pasadena, California office for a free confidential consultation to discuss the specifics of your immigration litigation case with our seasoned immigration law attorney. Benefit from expert guidance on your legal situation in a no-obligation consultation. We offer a complimentary initial discussion about your immigration litigation scenario. All major credit cards accepted. Flexible payment plans might be available. We provide immigration legal services in multiple languages. Call us now or contact us online.




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The trusted Los Angeles immigration attorney at Hanlon Law Group, P.C. is waiting to speak to you, find out more about your immigration needs, and explain your options. Having handled countless professional visa applications for foreign professionals and U.S. employers, our lawyer has the experience and insight you can count on for exceptional service and representation.

Our experience, skills and dedication to our clients are backed by the following, which all of our clients can expect to receive:

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You don’t have to pay us anything to discover more about how we can help you and what you need to do to resolve your employment-based immigration needs.

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The attorney at Hanlon Law Group, P.C. will oversee your case from start to finish. This can provide peace of mind that your case will not be passed off to a non-lawyer associate, or to someone who is not intimately familiar with your case.

State-Of-The-Art Case Management Technology

Our cutting-edge system facilitates the visa petition process, while providing clients with real-time case information about the status of their petition, PERM certifications, etc.

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We take pride in providing old-fashioned, personal service and promptly responding to our clients’ inquiries and immigration needs whenever they arise.

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We accept all major credit cards. Payment plans may also be available.

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We provide immigration services in various languages, including (but not necessarily limited to) Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesian, Tagalog, and Fukienese.

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