Young immigrants take aim at reducing number of deportations

It is not an easy choice for many immigrants to leave their families and come to the United States. Many do so in hopes of providing their children with better lives and chances to improve themselves, but those opportunities may come at a high price. For many immigrants living illegally in Los Angeles, they may never see their loved ones whom they left behind in their native country. This is because leaving the country and then trying to get back in may be risky.

At least three immigrants are up to the challenge, however. All of them came to the United States when they were young; two came when they were 3 and the other when she was 14. In an effort to reduce the number of deportations taking place every day, the young immigrants have all returned to Mexico and plan to try to reenter legally. They are part of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance’s campaign that is concerned with the rising number of deportations, up from nearly 300,000 in 2007 to almost 400,000 in 2011.

One of the three did not see her family in Mexico for 15 years while she lived in the United States. During that time, her grandmother died. She says she is participating in the campaign not just for the benefit of her family, but for other families that have suffered through deportations.

If you or a loved one is faced with deportation, it can be beneficial to speak with an immigration attorney about your case. A lawyer may be able to halt the proceedings and help you on your path toward legal status.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Young immigrants to risk detention at border to protest deportations,” Cindy Chang, July 19, 2013