Imagine the pain and emotional distress you would feel at being forced to live apart from your spouse and child in a different country. Although it sounds like an unlikely scenario, this is the case for many families living in the Los Angeles area and around the country.

A man currently living in Afghanistan has been unable to successfully join his wife and 15-month-old child here in the states. The couple met when the wife was stationed in Afghanistan five years ago. The husband was working as an interpreter at the time. They married in Afghanistan two years ago and hoped to be able to make their home in the United States.

The wife came home and applied for her husband to join her here on a spouse visa. Although she was told the process could take up to a year, it has already been two. The man has also tried applying for an interpreter visa before the two were married, but was discouraged when the paperwork seemed to keep getting lost.

The woman has started a petition online in hopes of expediting the process. In her petition, she wrote that because her husband risked his life to help the U.S. military, he should have the chance to live here.

If you are separated from your spouse because of a similar situation, you may wish to speak with an immigration attorney. Doing so may enable you to get the application process started on a spousal visa and make it possible for you to be reunited with your spouse.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune, “Utah woman turns to online petition to bring husband home,” Lee Davidson, Oct. 15, 2013