It is often said that love knows no borders. Many U.S. citizens find this to be true when they travel outside of the country and meet and fall in love with someone. The trouble happens when they wish to bring that person back to live with them in the Los Angeles area. In order to do so, the person is required to have a green card. Many couples decide to marry and apply for a spousal visa in an effort to expedite the process. Even when a couple is married, it can take months and even years for a spousal visa to be approved and allow the couple to live together in the U.S.

This was the case for a couple who met when the man was traveling to Thailand a few times a year more than ten years ago. They carried on a long distance relationship for years before the woman decided to move to the United States. She applied for a green card, but waited three years before she was approved to enter the country.

The woman wanted to become a U.S. citizenship and began the process recently. She successfully completed her tests, background checks and interviews and was approved for citizenship. She will soon participate in a naturalization ceremony where she will officially become a U.S. citizen. Although she says the process was initially scary, once she got the hang of it, she realized it wasn’t so bad after all.

If you are interested in starting the process of becoming a U.S. citizen, you may wish to talk with an immigration attorney to get the ball rolling.

Source: WJHG, “Local Woman’s Journey To Become U.S. Citizen is Over,” Morgan Kyrklund, Nov. 6, 2013