A 30-year-old woman will soon be biding her time in prison, spending about six months incarcerated in a federal penitentiary as a result to pleading guilty to immigration fraud charges, USCIS has recently announced. According to authorities, the woman had submitted at least 25 fraudulent asylum applications to USCIS on behalf of Mongolian nationals, using false stories and statements, as well as fraudulent documents, in an attempt to prevent them from being deported.

scam alert stop sign
scam alert stop sign

Asylum is generally granted by USCIS when removal would result in a “significant risk” for an individual, based on “their race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.”

In addition to having to serve six months in prison, the woman will also reportedly have to serve three years of probation following her release (which is expected to occur in March 2016).

Commenting on this case and the sentence, the Honorable Susan Illston, the U.S. District Court Judge who presided over this case, stated:

I find these to be very serious crimes. The asylum system is such a precious system we have and if it’s abused in the way that it was abused here, then it won’t be used anymore and we won’t have it…

[this case] is really damaging to the immigration system that we have in place.

USCIS Continues to Target Immigration Scams

Cases like this one underscore USCIS’s focus on targeting and nabbing those who run immigration scams, victimize foreign nationals and take advantage of the immigration system we have in place.

While USCIS officials work with local law enforcement officials nationwide to investigate alleged immigration scams, some of the other things the agency is doing to curb this type of fraud include:

  • Providing educational tools and information to help foreign nationals understand the signs of immigration scams so they can avoid them
  • Offering easy ways to report suspected immigration scams.

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