/Woman faces deportation after her dogs make too much noise

Woman faces deportation after her dogs make too much noise

Undocumented immigrants living in Los Angeles usually live in fear of being discovered and deported from this country. They typically take all manner of precautions to ensure their safety, including limiting their presence outside their homes and trying to keep a low profile. Sometimes these measures are not enough; there are things that they might not even consider having the potential to expose them.

One 38-year-old woman living near Los Angeles is learning this the hard way. Although she has lived in the country for the past 14 years, she is now facing the possibility of deportation back to her native Mexico after she was arrested recently. She spent two days in a detention center after being held for a week in jail.

It seems that the woman was minding her own business while she was out grocery shopping with her children. However, her dogs apparently were not. Neighbors complained to authorities about the dogs’ barking, and when the family returned home they found police officers waiting for them. Authorities took the woman into custody after she allegedly resisted arrest.

In order to keep from getting into more trouble, the woman eventually gave the dogs up to animal control.

The woman is slated to appear in court in September. She appears to have retained a lawyer to represent her in the immigration hearing. This is a smart move since an attorney can help her navigate the ins and outs of the often complicated laws regarding undocumented immigrants. Being properly represented in court may allow her to remain in this country she considers her home.

Source: Huffington Post, “Ruth Montano, California Immigrant, Faces Deportation Over Barking Dogs,” Feb. 28, 2013

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