naturalization ceremony
naturalization ceremony

Starting today and through Sept. 23rd, officials with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will be hosting at least 200 naturalization ceremonies throughout the U.S. to welcome more than 36,000 new citizens.

Scheduled to coincide with the kick off of Constitution Week (the commemoration of the signing of the U.S. constitution in 1787), these ceremonies will reportedly be held at a range locations, including (but not limited to) national parks, government landmarks, historic sites and museums.

USCIS is encouraging new citizens and their families to attend one of these events and/or share their experiences via social media.

For a complete list of the ceremonies that will be held throughout the U.S. over this next week, click here.

USCIS Also Enhancing Services for Applicants Seeking Naturalization

As part of the Constitution Week efforts being made by USCIS, the agency is also reportedly implementing a number of “customer service enhancements” to facilitate the application process and try to make it even easier for people to pursue naturalization in the U.S.

Among some of the enhancements that will be carried out over the course of the coming week include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • An expansion of payment options – As of Sept. 19th, those applying for naturalization will be able to pay the $595 application fee, as well as the $85 biometrics fee, via credit card (and to do so, the Form G-1450 must be completed).
  • An expansion of temporary offices – Via a partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, USCIS will also be opening up temporary office spaces in “communities with significant numbers of immigrants who are not located near a USCIS office.” The idea is to make it easier for these people to learn more about their options for adjusting their immigration statuses, complete the biometrics, and attend case interviews (among other things)
  • An expansion of USCIS’ online tools – The focus here is to provide more information to naturalization applicants about their options for taking citizenship classes (and where these are available), as well as their eligibility for naturalization. USCIS has also published an interactive civics test that will soon be available in multiple languages so that applicants will be able to better prepare for this aspect of the application process.

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