As we recently noted, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recalled approximately 2,600 DACA permits because they had been issued for a 3-year term, rather than a 2-year term.

USCIS has accounted for about 99 percent of the invalid DACA permits issued, our Los Angeles immigration lawyers explain. Here are more updates on this recall.

USCIS has accounted for about 99 percent of the invalid DACA permits issued, our Los Angeles immigration lawyers explain. Here are more updates on this recall.

Today, USCIS issued an update regarding this recall, pointing out that 99 percent of the invalid DACA work permits had been returned to the proper authorities and that only 22 of these permits were unaccounted for.

Consequently, USCIS has terminated DACA for the individuals associated with these noon-returned permits as of the end of July 2015. USCIS has also announced that:

  • Those who returned their invalid permits can use the agency’s Case Status Online to verify that their permit was, in fact, received.
  • For anyone who still has an invalid permit, this permit still must be returned to a local USCIS office.

More Info about the DACA Permit Recall

  • Why the recall was issued – The recall has been issued because certain 3-year permits were issued following an injunction handed down in February 2015. That injunction, which is part of the federal case on the immigration executive action (in Texas v United States, No. B-14-254), effectively barred USCIS from issuing 3-year permits (after Feb. 16th).
  • Following a permit surrender – For those who have complied with the recall and surrendered their invalid 3-year DACA work permits (also referred to as EADs or “employment authorization documents”), USCIS will reissue a new, valid DACA work permit, the term of which is two years.
  • For those who haven’t received a valid permit yet – USCIS encourages these individuals to contact the agency directly to sort out the issues. Those who have already surrendered their permits and are still receiving notices to return the permit to USCIS should also directly contact the agency to resolve the discrepancies.
  • For those who haven’t returned invalid permits – USCIS may perform a home visit in an effort to retrieve these permits.

For more info and facts about this USCIS DACA permit recall, click here.

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