/US citizens with illegal immigrant parents spared unjust tuition

US citizens with illegal immigrant parents spared unjust tuition

The state of Florida was attempting to charge students who were born in the United States and lived in Florida incredible tuition rates simply because their parents are illegal immigrants. Even though they are U.S. citizens, the Florida students were going to be hit with out-of-state tuition rates (which could have been three times what they should have paid).

A federal court shot down their illegal effort, though. Citing the equal protection clause in the Constitution, the judge presiding over the case said Florida was attempting to create “unique obstacles” for individuals who should have been rightfully granted in-state tuition. The state of California had a similar case recently that also resulted in a favorable ruling for students.

No matter how you slice it, this is an act of discrimination against a particular group of U.S. citizens, and it is sadly indicative of the poor treatment illegal immigrants are shown in our country.

While any immigrant who is considering coming to the U.S. should go about the process in a formal way, the fact is that once they are in the country, they are heavily discriminated against — often in deplorable ways. Their criminal cases can be expedited because of Secure Communities, or they can be racially profiled by police; they can struggle to obtain work; and they have difficulty securing secondary or higher education, all under the guise that they’re “illegal” and thus this treatment is somehow okay.

Source: Associated Press, “Illegal immigrants’ children eligible for in-state Florida tuition,” Sept. 5, 2012

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