A young child depends on his parents for almost everything including food, shelter, love and guidance. Parents are arguably the biggest influence a child will have in her life. That is why it is so important that they are around to raise their children.

One mother fears she may not be there to see her children grow up. This is because she lives in fear every day that she may be deported from this country she calls her home. Although her husband and four children are U.S. citizens, the woman does not qualify for the new immigration provisional waiver because she entered the United States illegally on multiple occasions in the past. In order to for her to live legally in the country, she would have to leave for a period of ten years, something that would separate her from the rest of her family living near Los Angeles.

The woman has been deported once before after she was denied political asylum fifteen years ago. She was forced to return to her native country of El Salvador with her two young children. She eventually made her way back to the United States after her baby’s health declined.

These experiences have led this woman to speak out about immigration reform. She recently joined with a bus tour aimed at helping immigrant families stay together. She hopes to one day be able to live her life without fear of being separated from her husband and children that rely so heavily on her for their upbringing.

Source: Ventura County Star, “Oxnard woman, in U.S. illegally, joins bus tour to argue for immigration overhaul,” Stephanie Snyder, Mar. 4, 2013