Transgender woman faces danger after deported to Mexico

For transgender women, living in Mexico can be a dangerous place. Many endure ridicule and discrimination. Sometimes the persecution is so bad that some even fear for their lives. This is why a large percentage of transgender women who are detained by immigration authorities are those who are seeking asylum in Los Angeles and the rest of the United States.

This is the case for a transgender women who has been deported to Mexico twice. The woman entered the U.S. when she was 13. She had been living with her partner in Los Angeles when they returned to El Paso, Texas for a short time in 2000. She had outstanding tickets for solicitation for prostitution in the area and was eventually placed behind bars for a year and then moved to a detention center for immigrants for another year. She was placed in a room with 300 men and 6 other transgender women at the center.

Eventually, the woman faced deportation back to Mexico. After she attempted to reenter the country, she was detained and sent back to the same detention center. She was deported again in 2005. In 2007, her home in Mexico was raided by police who went after transgender sex workers. She was shot in the leg with rubber bullets and required hospitalization for her wounds. She has had to endure countless threatening letters and feels that she can only travel outside when she has a friend with her.

Because of the persecution this woman had had to endure in Mexico, she may very well qualify for asylum in the United States. She would be well advised to seek the help of an immigration attorney who may be able to help her get the ball rolling.

Source: Tucson Sentinel, “Mexican transgender women deported to life of peril,” Amy Lieberman, Aug. 26, 2013