There has been a lot of legal upheaval in recent months for illegal immigrants. The Supreme Court’s decision on Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 law and the enactment of “deferred action” are just two major incidents that have recently sculpted the landscape of theimmigration debate. Just last week, we talked about more reform for immigration laws: with the passing of deferred action, California is considering allowing illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses.

But the bill for driver’s licenses for deferred action recipients (called AB 2189) is just one of many important immigration bills the state of California is considering. Here are three bills to keep your eyes on:

  • California TRUST Act, or “TRUST Act 2.0.” This bill is expected to be ruled on very soon by Governor Jerry Brown. The TRUST Act will bar local and state officials from putting immigration holds on arrested individuals, unless the accused person has committed prior serious criminal acts.
  • SB 901, a bill that protects illegal immigrants who pay taxes. This bill is yet to make it to the Governor, and there is speculation it will fail to do so. SB 901 would create a five-year program that tax-paying illegal immigrants could apply for. If they are entered into the program, state officials will collect personal information from them — and in exchange, federal officials would be advised to not detain or deport them.
  • AB 916, a bill that could give work permits to agricultural workers. The bill itself actually doesn’t grant work permits; merely, it would create a “working group” that would meet with federal officials to draw up a potential program that would allow illegal immigrants who are farm, agricultural or service workers to obtain work permits.

Source: Multi-American, “A list of immigration bills being considered in California,” Leslie Berestein Rojas, Aug. 28, 2012