diverse group of us immigrants
diverse group of us immigrants

When it comes to applying for DACA deportation relief, Asian immigrants are far less likely to pursue this option than Latino immigrants, according to a study conducted by the Migration Policy Institute (based on data from USCIS and the Department of Homeland Security, DHS).  In fact, during the first two years that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was run:

  • Only about 24 percent of eligible Koreans applied for deportation relief.
  • Only about 26 percent of eligible Filipinos applied.
  • Only about 28 percent of eligible Indians applied
  • Less than 1,650 applications for Chinese children were received (meaning that Chinese children did not make it into the list of the top 20 application groups).

In contrast, among Latino youths, the applications for deportation relief through the DACA program during the first two years it was run were as follows:

  • Nearly 70 percent of eligible Honduran youths applied.
  • More than 62 percent of eligible Mexican youths applied.
  • About 61 percent of eligible Peruvian youths applied.

Deportation Relief: A Look Behind the Numbers, What’s Expected for the Future

The significant discrepancy in the numbers of Asian versus Latino immigrants who seek deportation relief through DACA may be as shocking as it is puzzling. However, some have pointed to the following factors as likely reasons why Asian immigrants are typically far more reluctant to seek deportation relief through DACA:

  • A weariness of sharing sensitive personal information with the government
  • Doubts that the program will endure
  • A lack of knowledge about the program and how to apply for it
  • A reluctance to talk about immigration issues in general
  • Feelings of isolation and shame that prevent them from reaching out for help.

To combat such deterrents, various immigrant advocacy groups are now trying to reach out to the Asian community, providing education and support for those who have questions about DACA, deportation relief or other immigration issues. Some groups are also calling for outreach to be disseminated in more diverse languages, as:

  • In the past, a substantial part of the outreach was in Spanish, specifically geared towards Latino communities.
  • More efforts need to be made to provide information and support to people who speak different Asian languages.

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