A group of Silicon Valley start-up entrepreneurs have been having trouble finding qualified individuals to fill their software engineer positions. That is why they have taken their difficulties to Congress in an attempt to reform the way in which skilled-worker immigration operates.

These California entrepreneurs are fed up with the restrictions and costliness of trying to obtain enough skilled-worker (H-1B) visas to fill their most needed positions and are therefore traveling to our nation’s Capitol in order to work on some form of reform. Some see this as a high-risk, high-reward attempt at reform. Insiders say that many in Congress are reluctant to tackle this type of immigration reform without addressing the entirety of immigration reform across the nation.

This has not stopped the group though as they seek reform on getting more cost efficient and readily available visas and green cards for others who are entrepreneurs or highly educated like themselves. They are also seeking out an exemption on the cap for skilled-worker visas and green cards for those who are highly educated.

While some companies have long supported immigration reform in these areas, others see what they are trying to do as cheating the system. Many engineers feel that there is enough talent here in the states if the companies would be willing to look for it and pay a fair wage. They feel that some are seeking immigrant workers as a source of cheaper labor. Whatever the reason, the entrepreneurs are hoping that the Silicon Valley voice will help propel reform and spur on legislation much like their voices helped curb the internet legislation SOPA and PIPA from happening.

Source: Fox Business, “Entrepreneurs plan D.C. road trip to talk up immigration reform,” Sarah McBride, Jan. 24, 2013