Although applying for citizenship can be a complicated, all-consuming process, being organized and working with an attorney can give you the best chances for success. One of the keys to staying organized is to know what documents you should bring to show your attorney when your first meet with him.

Knowing what documents to show your immigration attorney when you are applying for citizenship can facilitate your case and reduce possible delays.

Knowing what documents to show your immigration attorney when you are applying for citizenship can facilitate your case and reduce possible delays.

Being prepared and bringing these documents can help get your case started immediately and will reduce the chances that it will be tripped up by any unnecessary or frustrating delays.

Documents to Show Your Immigration Attorney: Applying for Citizenship

In addition to bringing two color photographs of yourself, you should also bring the following documents with you when you meet with an immigration attorney for help applying for U.S. citizenship:

Identification Documents

  • Your green card/permanent residence card
  • Documents that indicate your current legal name or any name changes you have obtained (due to, for instance, marriage or divorce)
  • A completed Form G-325B, “Biographic Information” (If you are unsure about how to fill this out, you can wait until you meet with your attorney to get answers and instructions regarding completing this form.)
  • Documents that can establish your U.S. residency (such as a signed rental agreement or utilities bills in your name)

Financial Documents

  • Your tax returns for the past three to five years
  • Any correspondence you have received from the IRS regarding your taxes, arranged tax payments, etc.
  • IRS Tax Form 1722.

Be sure to check out the upcoming second part of this blog for our continued discussion regarding the important documents to bring to your immigration attorney when you are pursuing U.S. citizenship.

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