Even in today’s economy there are companies in Los Angeles who cannot fill certain positions. These are often positions that can only be filled by highly skilled workers in specialized fields. It is not that these workers do not exist; the problem is that many of them are not U.S. citizens and are unable to obtain visas to work in the country.

Lawmakers are currently planning on revising the current H-1B visa program, also known as employment-based immigration. Employers have complained that there just aren’t enough visas to go around and the turnaround time for an application is far too lengthy, sometimes taking years to complete. The immigration plan in the Senate proposes that the number of H-1B visas that are granted be raised from 65,000 each year to over 115,000.

This would not only help employers, but employees who are looking for a brighter future as well. This includes immigrants that attend college in the United States and wish to stay and work here after they graduate. One man from Brazil started his own company here in the U.S. while he was attending graduate school. After selling the business and beginning a job at another company, he submitted an application for an H-1B visa, but was denied. He was forced to go back to Brazil, but retained lawyers who appealed the decision. He eventually won his appeal and was granted a visa.

If you are interested in applying for an H-1B visa, you may benefit from speaking with an immigration attorney who can get the ball rolling for you.

Source: National Journal, “Many People Agree on High-Skilled Worker Visas. So Why No Changes?” Rebecca Kaplan, Sep. 4, 2013