Americans must uphold the ideals that contributed to our success. We must remain responsible to defeat terrorists' efforts to undermine our spirit.

Americans must uphold the ideals that contributed to our success. We must remain responsible to defeat terrorists’ efforts to undermine our spirit.

In the aftermath of the terrorists attacks on our National landmarks this past Tuesday, there has been little to discuss other than these horrifying events. As Americans, and I refer to all peoples residing in the US, we must strive to remain focused and let our Government use all necessary means to address this situation. Unfortunately, in the past, acts of terrorism within our borders have spawned waves of anti-immigrant sentiment, without regard for whether persons are culpable for any Anti-American activities in the first instance. For this reason, all residents of America owe it to themselves and to our National credos of Freedom and Democracy to deal with the situation responsibly and only lay blame where it belongs.

As President Bush has repeatedly reassured the Nation, we will persevere, as we have in the past, and America will stand tall as a World leader. Terrorists will not crush the American resolve through cowardly sneak attacks on our innocent citizens. Those responsible will be dealt with through the proper administration of justice and exercise of Executive power. While it appears that some leads are developing to tie the terrorists to Osama Bin Laden and a Muslim fundamentalist terrorist network, the appropriate Government agencies will make that determination, and take appropriate action against the terrorists and their supporters.

In 1993, the terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center were caught, and were found to have been connected to a Middle Eastern terrorist organization. When the Federal Building was bombed in Oklahoma City, many were quick to assume that foreign terrorists were responsible, however, that turned out not to be the case. Now, following this most vicious terrorist attack in American history, we as Americans must remain unwaveringly in support of our Government and its ability to find the truth behind the attacks and deal with the perpetrators accordingly. We must remain responsible as Americans, and not allow emotions to take over for reason at the risk of blaming the wrong parties.

We all understand what is meant by “America is a nation of Immigrants.” This is how the country began; this is how the country has grown to be the most powerful country on Earth. Our responsibility as Americans is to uphold the ideals that contributed to our long-lasting success. Now, more than ever, the American resolve is being tested. The terrorists are trying to cause chaos within our borders and show the rest of the world that America is not as strong as it believed. We must remain responsible in this time of chaos, and defeat these terrorists’ efforts to undermine our National spirit.

In the meantime, we are also responsible to hold our collective hearts out to the victims, the firefighters and law enforcement officers, and the families and friends, who have suffered the most as a direct result of this horrible tragedy.