For a large portion of residents living in Los Angeles, driving a car is vital to their ability to travel to and from their jobs and other activities during the day. Of course in order to do so legally, residents must have a valid driver’s license. This ensures that drivers know the laws and are trained to operate their vehicles in a safe and careful manner.

A big concern for many is the fact that a good percentage of L.A. drivers are operating a vehicle without a driver’s license. Many of these are people who immigrate to the United States without proper documentation and are unable to obtain one. That all changed recently when California’s governor signed a bill into law allowing undocumented immigrants to get a driver’s license.

One 63-year-old witness to the signing was happy to see the change in the law and said that it will help his two daughters immensely. They are both currently living in the country without documents. One has to catch a ride to work because she is too afraid of the consequences of driving without a license. The other puts herself at risk every day when she drives to work.

These are just two of the estimated 1.4 million people who are expected to apply for driver’s licenses in the first three years of the program. Authorities are hopeful that this law will allow immigrants to be properly educated on the laws of the road and make for safer driving conditions for all California drivers.

Source: CBS Sacramento, “Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Immigrant Driver’s License Bill Into California Law,” Oct. 3, 2013