/Recent deportee finds hope in new immigration bill

Recent deportee finds hope in new immigration bill

The deportation of immigrants is cause for growing concern among some lawmakers in Congress. The Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles estimates that since 2002, there have been four million immigrants deported from the country. Half of those have occurred since 2008.

A new immigration bill presented to the Senate could act to reverse these numbers and allow deportees back into the country.  The bill would allow those who have not committed serious crimes but were deported from the country to return if they were brought here before they turned 16. They could also return and be granted provisional legal status if they have a parent, spouse or child who is a United States citizen.

One recent deportee was moved to tears when he learned of the bill. The man had been living in the U.S since the age of 10. Now age 33, he was deported after he missed an appointment with immigration officials. He said he never received the letter telling him to appear because he had moved to live with his sister after being laid off from his job.

The man hopes the bill will enable him to be reunited with his family, including his two daughters in their teens who are U.S. citizens. If this immigration bill passes, millions more could be reunited with their families.

If you are currently separated from a loved one because of deportation, you may benefit from speaking with an immigration attorney. A lawyer can go over your or your loved one’s case and advise you on the best way to proceed.

Source: New York Times, “In Immigration Bill, Deportees See Hope for Second Chance in U.S.,” Damien Cave, May 8, 2013

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