It is a common misconception that immigrants living in Los Angeles who do not have their papers are happily living in the shadows. Many assume that given the chance, these people would not want citizenship and the responsibilities that come along with it.

According to a recent poll conducted by Latino Decisions, nothing could be further from the truth. The poll was done to access immigrants’ familial ties to the country through family-based immigration and find out what percentage of them would apply for citizenship if they had the opportunity.

The poll comes as the U.S. Senate is considering immigration reform that would both enhance the country’s border security and help immigrants obtain legal status. One of the big issues in the Senate bill is which type of visa should be emphasized more: employment-based visas or family-based visas. There is a big debate about which one is more beneficial to the country.

Those on the side of family-based immigration laws say that when families stay together, immigrants have more stability in their lives. They feel that stability will help our country in the long run.

The poll revealed a large number of respondents living in the U.S. for a decade or more. These people feel like they have a deep connection to the country, especially those with family members who live in the U.S. An overwhelming amount, nearly 90 percent said that given the chance to become a citizen of the United States, they would take it.

This poll shows that immigrants are more than ready and willing to join with their families and become legal citizens of our country. If this sounds familiar to you and you are seeking citizenship, you may wish to speak to an immigration attorney who can help you on your path to legal status.

Source: Latino Fox News, “Poll: Most Undocumented Immigrants Have U.S. Citizen Relatives And Would Pursue Citizenship,” Elizabeth Llorente, April 15, 2013