/New legislation could bolster work visa program

New legislation could bolster work visa program

Work visa applications are usually complicated documents that require a lot of work and review. There are many different identification processes and procedures that must be passed and in some cases, like with an H-1B visa application, the applicant must be sponsored by a U.S. company to obtain the work visa.

Once the visa has expired, the immigrant then has some choices to make. Will they seek a renewal of the work visa? Will they attempt to become naturalized citizens of the United States?

Both are realistic options for a successful work visa applicant, and the individual’s case for either a renewal or naturalization can greatly benefit from the representation of an experienced immigration attorney.

It is difficult to get these visas because current laws cap the number of visas that can be awarded at 140,000 (a law that dates back to 1990). New legislation has been passed to eliminate such a cap, but the bill has fallen on hard times in the Senate.

Other legislation is coming through the pipeline though, increasing the chances that an immigrant could attain a work visa. The American Investment and Job Creation Act of 2012 would encourage immigrant entrepreneurs from establishing businesses in the U.S. (aiding the recovery of the economy) by offering employment-based green cards.

The potential impact of these bills would be immense, allowing new immigrants a clearer path to residency or naturalization, while simultaneously stimulating the economy. But maybe most importantly, if enacted, the bills would allow immigrants to achieve their business-related goals.

Source: New Jersey Star-Ledger, “House bill would expand work visa program to include foreign entrepreneurs,” Stacy Jones, July 31, 2012

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