New bill proposes legal status for 11 million immigrants

In virtually every piece of legislation that is presented to Congress, there is both good and bad. A new immigration bill is no exception.

In an effort to reform immigration, four Democrats and four Republicans have worked together to come up with a bill that they think will help the problem. The good news is that the proposed law would allow a majority of immigrants who are currently living in the Los Angeles area without papers to obtain legal status. If certain requirements are satisfied, immigrants living in the United States, estimated to be 11 million in number, would also be able to apply for U.S. citizenship in the future.

The politicians who have crafted this bill hope to see a rise in the amount of visas for immigrants who are highly-skilled at their jobs while at the same time regulating the amount of unskilled workers allowed into the country. They also want better security along the Mexican border.

The downside of this bill is for people who illegally entered the country after December 31, 2011. These people would be forced to leave the country. The idea is to allow people to stay who have been in the country longer and have built a life here. The legislation would also make applying for extended family visas more difficult.

If you are in the latter group who arrived in the country this year or last, and do not have papers, you may wish to speak with an immigration attorney to discuss your options on applying for legal status.

Source: Yahoo News, “Senate plan would deport illegal immigrants entering U.S. after 2011,” Rachelle Younglai, Richard Cowan, Charles Abbot, April 13, 2013