Those who serve in our nation’s military and live in and around Los Angeles do so with great risk to their own lives. They are often put in stressful and perilous situations without much compensation. The fact that their families are safe and taken care of can be a great solace to these brave servicemen and women. However, for a large number of soldiers, this isn’t the case. Many have family members that are not U.S. citizens and who are worried by the threat of deportation.

This has been a big concern for advocacy groups that would like to see family members of active military members, reservists and other veterans being granted green cards. They feel like this would reduce the amount of unnecessary stress that the servicemen and women feel.

The Department of Homeland Security recently said they will stop deporting relatives of those serving in the military if the relatives have clean criminal records. They will also be able to apply for permanent legal status without having to leave the country to do so. This is quite the change from current law that requires immigrants to go back to their native countries for a set number of years and apply for green cards from there.

If you are a member of the military and would like to find out how this new law could help your relatives in their desires to become permanent legal residents of the United States, you may wish to speak with an immigration attorney who can walk you through the process.

Source: USA Today, “Feds to halt deportations of military relatives,” Alan Gomez, Nov. 15, 2013