For many immigrants in the Los Angeles area, becoming a United States citizen is something that they dream of and work toward for a very long time. When it finally becomes a reality, and they are made a U.S. citizen, they may think they no longer have to worry about the threat of deportation. This may not exactly be the case as one Guatemalan native is finding out the hard way.

The 55-year-old man, who is currently a U.S. citizen, is accused of lying on hisnaturalization form. Authorities believe that as a soldier in Guatemala, the man was involved in a massacre in a village in 1982. The man said that he was not in the village when the massacre took place, but will still be required to be tried in Riverside, California.

Three other men who also were former soldiers in Guatemala have been arrested as well on suspicion of being involved in the massacre. Federal prosecutors are using one of these men as a material witness against the man during his trial. One of the three has already been deported and another is in jail for lying on his citizenship application.

Because the stakes are so high, this man would be well advised to seek out the help of an immigration attorney. A lawyer can advise him on the best way to approach his trial and ensure that his interests are protected. He or she can also work toward allowing the man to stay in this country that he calls home.

Source:, “Ex-Guatemala soldier faces trial in US,” Sep. 24, 2014