A young child typically has very little say in what his or her parents do. It is, after all, the parents who decide what is right for their young children and make decisions regarding virtually every aspect of their lives including where they live, what they wear and who they associate with. For many children in the Los Angeles area, they are living here illegally as a result of their parents bringing them from another country, something that a majority of them probably did not have any say in.

This issue is a hot-button topic in Congress these days as immigration reform is being discussed and overhauled. Currently, the Kids Act is getting a lot of attention. It is a bill-in-progress that is expected to be sponsored by House Republicans. The goal of the Kids Act is to provide a way for children who were brought to the country illegally to obtain citizenship.

A major concern for lawmakers is whether or not the children would be able to sponsor family members for green cards once they are U.S. citizens. Under current family-based immigration law, a U.S. citizen has the right to sponsor his or her family members for green cards. A provision is being discussed that would ban these new citizens from being able to sponsor family members. Opponents of the provision say that it would not be fair to essentially give these new citizens fewer rights than what other citizens have.

If you are interested in how these new potential changes may affect you, it may be beneficial to speak with an immigration attorney.

Source: National Journal, “Parent Sponsorship Stalls Kids Act,” Fawn Johnson, Nov. 3, 2013