immigration visa fraud image graphic
immigration visa fraud image graphic

The age old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” definitely applies to the case of a Sacramento man, who authorities arrested for allegedly trying to fleece hundreds of foreign nationals of exorbitant amounts of cash in exchange for false promises of U.S. citizenship.

According to federal authorities, the man allegedly ran a highly unusual fraud scheme that involved adopting adults in order to help them become U.S. citizens. He reportedly even turned his scam into a legitimate sounding enterprise that operated as a non-profit and was called the Americans Helping America Chamber of Commerce.

“Taking advantage of the hopes and dreams of undocumented immigrants, who are poorly positioned to seek the protection of law enforcement, to extract fees based on false promises, is a particularly predatory and manipulative type of fraud,” said U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner in a February 11, 2015 ABC News story.

As Wagner has pointed out, adult adoption cannot change the immigration status of an adult; it can, however, help undocumented immigrants under the age of 16 become U.S. citizens.

Background on the Immigration Fraud Scheme

Court documents reveal that the man, who was indicted for allegedly offering a false pathway to citizenship to people who were in the U.S. illegally, allegedly scammed victims in various states, including in California, Hawaii, New York, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin. The fees he charged were reportedly as high as $10,000 (per case), and authorities believe he took in as much as $500,000 over the course of this fraud operation.

It is important to point out that, in the U.S., adult adoptions are legal and are often utilized in estate planning to confer parent-child status. This is most often done for an elderly person (the parent), who is either disabled or bedridden in exchange for some type of inheritance or financial arrangement. Using adoption to try to obtain naturalization for an adult in the U.S. is, however, illegal.

The man accused of running this immigration fraud scam has been charged with a number of offenses, including conspiracy and a dozen fraud charges, which could land him in federal prison for as long as 20 years (in the event of conviction).

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