When children are brought to the United States by their parents, they really do not have a choice. Therefore, punishing them for something that they have no say in seems unfair. This is the stance many immigration activists are taking. They argue that deporting those who were brought to the Los Angeles area as children is unethical because it is taking them away from the only country that they know and where they have spent a majority of their lives.

This is the basis for the U.S. Dream Act bill that aims to give children brought to the country illegally permanent residency. In September, 34 immigrants who did not have legal status attempted to enter the U.S. from Mexico. They were taken into custody by immigration authorities. Nine were previously released and one deported; the remaining 25 were left in a detention facility until recently when 11 of them were released.

One of the detainees is a 33-year-old college student living in the U.S. who was faced with an impossible decision last year. His father was dying in Mexico. If he wished to see him one last time, he would need to leave the U.S. and risk the possibility of not being able to reenter. He chose to go visit his father, and was detained when he tried to reenter the country. After he was released from detention, he said that he will continue to try to help the remaining 13 detainees be freed.

If you or a loved one faces the threat of deportation, you may benefit from speaking with an immigration attorney.

Source: ABC News, “11 Immigrant Protesters Released; 1 Deported,” Juan Carlos Llorca, Oct. 29, 2013