Immigration activist stops her own mother’s deportation

When an individual is deported, it can have devastating effects on the lives of members of his or her family. Many people in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas live in constant fear that someone precious to them may be taken away and they may feel powerless to stop it. However, there are ways to protect your family members from being affected by deportation.

The issue of deportation hit close to home for the founder of an immigration rights group when her mother was taken into custody by immigration officials recently. She worked tirelessly to contact and speak with authorities in order to prevent her mother’s deportation, which was scheduled to occur almost immediately.

Her efforts met with success, and not a moment too soon. Her mother was already on a bus bound for Mexico when authorities phoned the bus driver and told him to turn around and come back.

Although the immigration rights activist is no stranger to advocating for others, this was the first time she was required to go to bat for a member of her own family.

Perhaps you or someone you know has been adversely affected by immigration enforcement laws. It can be a scary thing to face alone. If this is the case, it may be beneficial to seek the aid of a lawyer. An immigration attorney can explain your rights and work to ensure that you and your family’s interests are protected. With the right legal advice, you may be able to prevent a member of your family from being detained or deported by immigration officials.

Source: CNN, “Agents take mother of immigration activist in night home raid,” Cindy Y. Rodriguez and Janet DiGiacomo, Jan. 12, 2013