/Immigrant released from detention, allowed to stay in U.S.

Immigrant released from detention, allowed to stay in U.S.

Every day, immigrants in the Los Angeles area face tough choices regarding family members both here in the states and back in their native countries. Immigrants who are here illegally may struggle with the fact that they can no longer visit family members in their country of origin without the risk of being caught when they try to reenter the country.

This was the case for one woman who made the choice to risk it and visit her dying mother in Mexico. The woman is married and has three young children who are U.S. citizens. She landed on the radar of immigration authorities back in 2009 after a traffic stop. She was ordered to be deported, but she retained a lawyer who appealed the decision.

Last September the woman received news that her mother’s health was deteriorating from cancer. She decided to take the risk of returning to Mexico in order to be with her mother one last time. Sadly, by the time she arrived there, her mother had already passed away. Although she searched, she could not find a job in Mexico, so she decided to try to return to the U.S. She was arrested as she attempted to cross the border and taken to an immigration detention center.

Although her deportation appeal was dismissed, the woman was granted the opportunity to be with her kids through a supervision program. She was arrested again just six weeks later and taken to a detention center once again. She was finally released after an outpouring of support from the community that led to authorities approving her stay here.

The threat of deportation can be very intimidating. If you are facing it, you would be well advised to speak with an immigration attorney to help you with your case.

Source: Source: The Colorado Independent, “ICE Frees Colorado Immigration Activist Jeanette Vizguerra,” Julia Gonzales, Aug. 9, 2013

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