Immigrant hopes to obtain legal status through deferral program

By and large, immigrants who come to Los Angeles are not coming here for unsavory purposes. Most just want to have a better life and opportunities that they do not have in their home countries. They see the United States as a land of opportunity where they can be free to live their lives in the manner they see fit. They just want the chance to become legal residents and enjoy the benefits that citizenship has to offer.

One 20-year-old man that hopes to one day become a citizen is currently working his way through a community college. Since he does not have legal status, he does not qualify for financial aid or scholarships, despite his excellent high school grades.

He has found new hope in the new federal immigration deferrals that will help immigrants like himself who were brought into the country as children. He has worked to obtain all the necessary documentation and information he needs in order to apply for the deferral.

The man traveled from Mexico to the United States on foot with his father a decade ago. Though they had nothing to eat for days and very little water, they eventually made it across the desert and into the U.S.

This man and others like him may benefit from speaking to an immigration attorney who could help get the paperwork started. Doing so may speed the process along and having someone on your side to guide you on your path to legal residency can be invaluable.

Source: New Britain Herald, “Illegal immigrants share stores of their struggles,” Lisa Backus, Mar. 9, 2013