/Illegal immigrants keep pushing for college education

Illegal immigrants keep pushing for college education

According to a College Board report, roughly 65,000 illegal immigrants graduate from U.S. high schools every year; and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities believes that anywhere between 5% and 10% of those young people move on and attend a college.

A college education is a very valuable asset in today’s world, and for these immigrants who graduate from high school, it is a great feeling to realize their dreams and attend an American university. Arguably a greater matter is that U.S. colleges are accepting illegal immigrants and are even looking at creating policies that allow more illegal immigrants on campus. In fact, some universities embrace their illegal immigrant student population.

In a Chicago suburb, Dominican University has 17 illegal immigrant students and has a history of doing everything in the institution’s power to allow such students to enroll. Dominican’s president admits it is controversial — both the matter at large and her school’s policy. But she returns to the fact that it is illegal to discriminate against any student group. “You need to start from that premise,” she said.

There are other positive signs for illegal immigrants attaining a college education. For example, according to a recent study that polled 447 colleges, about 57% of private school respondents admitted an illegal immigrant to the school. Roughly 29% of public school made the same gesture.

The state of Illinois is also making a push for illegal immigrants on college campuses, passing a law that requires high schools to have counselors on staff with knowledge of college options for undocumented students. The law also allows a college’s private donors to establish federally-supported scholarships that are available to illegal immigrants.

Source: USA Today, “Colleges look at policies for illegal immigrants,” Mary Beth Marklein, May 9, 2012

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