/Despite uncertainty, work permit provision a plus for DACA program

Despite uncertainty, work permit provision a plus for DACA program

One of the major sticking points for illegal immigrants in this country is their ability to work, and it carries over to those immigrants who are trying to enter the country legally. It can often be difficult to secure work permits or visas to gain employment in the U.S. There are many things that can be done to expedite this process: sponsorships from companies can earn immigrants a work visa, while illegal immigrants who are approved under the deferred action program (DACA) are eligible for work permits.

Still, many people who are considering the DACA program are uneasy about applying; and they are also unsure what will happen to deferred action in the coming months or years.

The primary fear about DACA is that, at any time, the proverbial plug could be pulled on the program. Because it is an executive order from the president and not a Congressional act, DACA could be shut down at any moment by any president — leaving the program’s applicants in a very difficult situation. The government would have their information, and they would be without federal protection in regards to their legal status.

In the meantime though, many approved DACA applicants are satisfied with the ability to obtain a work permit in the U.S., granting them access to jobs that they previously could not apply for. One such immigrant with DACA protection had to quit his job before he was approved for deferred action — all because he was about to get a promotion that would have revealed his then-illegal status.

Therein lies one of the unjust circumstances illegal immigrants face, especially people that were brought here as children and had no control over their undocumented status: despite being great employees, worthy of moving up the company ladder, they are forced to stay in inferior positions or quit their jobs out of fear their status will be uncovered. A work permit granted under DACA gives these hard-working immigrants the chance to further their careers.

Source: USA Today, “Deportation deferral program not a permanent fix,” Alan Gomez, Sept. 20, 2012

  • Whether you are an illegal immigrant with DACA protection, or someone looking to enter the country under a work visa, there are ways you can expedite your application process. Please visit our Los Angeles employment immigration page to learn more.
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