For many immigrants living in the Los Angeles area, becoming a U.S. citizen is on the top of their list of things to do in their lifetimes. In order to become a citizen, it is usually necessary to be a permanent resident of the United States for at least three to five years. The immigrant can then apply for citizenship through a process known as naturalization.

A man that recently went through this process is now a proud citizen of the U.S. He arrived in the country 14 years ago when he was almost 10-years-old. His father had emigrated here from Guinea in 1990 and worked to make a better life for his children before they joined him. He wanted his children to grow up away from the wars and strife that were common in the West African country.

The young man worked hard to learn English and graduated from high school in 2009. He then joined the Marine Corps where he has been deployed twice. He is currently serving in Afghanistan where he was awarded U.S. citizenship in March after completing the necessary paperwork and passing the naturalization test. He says his unit helped him study for the test by bouncing various questions off of him. He also reported that his father was very proud of him and excited that he has become a U.S. citizen.

If you are interested in becoming a U.S. citizen, you may wish to speak with an immigration attorney who can get the ball rolling for you.

Source: Oceanside-Camp Pendleton Patch, “Deployed Camp Pendleton Marine Becomes U.S. Citizen,” Daniel Woolfolk, June 2, 2013