/DACA program not a guaranteed draw for young potential applicants

DACA program not a guaranteed draw for young potential applicants

While the deferred action program, called DACA, has successfully started to receive applicants and has begun handing out the DACA status to some individuals, concerns have been raised over the program. One is not necessarily in control of the program itself – con artists posing as a professional with “insider knowledge” of deferred action.

These people tell undocumented immigrants who are just trying to secure their future here in the U.S. that they can help them achieve DACA status for a small nominal fee (which doesn’t turn out to be so small). Worse yet, some of these people will steal an undocumented individual’s personal information.

DACA applicants need to trust the experienced hand of a legal representative in the field of immigration law, rather than someone who just randomly asks to help you out with a DACA application.

However, there is another concern with DACA: young people, who are supposed to be the beneficiaries of the program, either don’t trust the system or struggle to get the necessary information together to achieve a successful application. If a DACA applicant does not successfully get deferred action, that’s it — there is no appeal or second chance.

In addition, since they are undocumented, gathering identification and vital documentation to support their DACA case can be very difficult. How do you prove you entered the country before the age of 15? How do you prove you have stayed in the country continuously since entering? It’s a tough ask, one that can be handled more appropriately by a legal professional well-versed in the DACA program.

Source: Pasadena Star-News, “Young undocumented immigrants hesitate to apply for new federal program amid rejection concerns,” Maritza Velazquez, Sept. 3, 2012

  • Matters of deportation and the DACA program require delicate handling. If you would like to learn more, please visit our Los Angeles deportation page.
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