immigration citizenship test and American Flag
immigration citizenship test and American Flag

If you are preparing to take the test for U.S. citizenship, it’s a good idea to study and prepare yourself ahead of time so you have the best chances of passing and officially becoming an American citizen.

Here  we will list some of the more common questions that appear on this test, along with the answers to these questions. If you need help with any immigration matters for you or a loved one, the trusted Los Angeles immigration lawyers at the Hanlon Law Group are ready to talk to you and help you resolve your issues as expeditiously as possible.

Questions about the U.S. Government

  • Who is currently the President of the U.S.? – Donald J. Trump
  • What are the two primary political parties in the U.S.? – The democrats and the republicans
  • When (what month) do people vote for the President? – In November
  • How often is a new president voted for? – Every four (4) years
  • What age do people have to be before they are allowed to vote in the U.S.? – 18 years old
  • What is the White House and where is it located? – The White House is home to the U.S. President, and it is located in Washington D.C.
  • What are the three entities (branches) of the U.S. government? – The Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch
  • What branch of the U.S. government is responsible for making laws? – The Legislative Branch
  • What is Congress? – A body of the Legislative Branch that includes the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Questions about U.S. History

  • Who was the first American President? – George Washington
  • Why did the pilgrims originally come to the U.S.? – To enjoy the freedom to practice the religion of their choosing
  • What country did the U.S. fight in the Revolutionary War in order to gain independence? – Great Britain
  • Who said, “Give me liberty or give me death”? – Patrick Henry
  • Which countries did the U.S. oppose in World War II (WWII)? – Japan, Italy and Germany
  • What were the 13 original colonies? – New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Georgia and Maryland
  • Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.? – A civil rights leader

Questions about the U.S. Flag

  • What are the colors of the American flag? – Red, white and blue
  • How many stars are on the U.S. flag? – 50
  • What do the stars on the American flag represent? – The states in the U.S.
  • How many stripes are on the U.S. flag? – 13
  • What do the stripes on the American flag represent? –  The 13 original colonies
  • Who made the first U.S. flag? – Betsy Ross

Questions about the U.S. Constitution

  • When (in what year) was the U.S. Constitution written? – 1787
  • What are the first 10 Constitutional amendments called? – The Bill of Rights
  • Who is guaranteed rights by the Constitution? – Everyone in the U.S. (both citizens and non-citizens)
  • What is the first part (the intro) to the U.S. Constitution called? – The preamble
  • How is the Constitution changed? – Through the passage of amendments
  • How many amendments to the U.S. Constitution are there? – 27
  • Name one of the requirements to be President of the U.S., according to the Constitution. – Any of the following can be named: Must be at least 35 years when in office; must have resided in the U.S. for at least 14 years; and must have been born in the U.S.
  • Where is the freedom of speech guaranteed? – In the First Amendment, which is in the Bill of Rights

Questions about the U.S. Courts

  • What is the highest court in the U.S.? – The U.S. Supreme Court
  • Who is the Chief Justice? – John G. Roberts, Jr.
  • How many justices serve on the Supreme Court? – nine
  • Who choose the justices on the Supreme Court? – The President appoints the justices.
  • What does the Supreme Court do? – Interpret laws

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