/Blueseed project for employment immigration ship moving forward

Blueseed project for employment immigration ship moving forward

Just as we flipped our calendars from 2011 to 2012, we brought you the story of a company called Blueseed. They intended to build a floating city, called a “seastead,” off the California coast that would house entrepreneurial immigrants who wanted to have proximity and access to Silicon Valley without having to obtain a work visa.

The ambitious employment immigration idea may sound like a joke, but Blueseed seems to be taking it seriously as they move ahead with a possible launch in the next two years. The ship has as many as 150 technology startups that want to be aboard the inaugural ship, which would charge $1,600 per month in rent. That may be pricey, but it could afford immigrants the chance to network with a diverse group of professionals and even have their dreams or ideas realized.

The ultimate goal of Blueseed’s seastead project is to offer an alternative solution to the sometimes burdensome realities of applying for a work visa. Approaching a work visa application appropriately — consulting an experienced attorney and, with such legal know-how in your corner, working together to get past the issues at hand while applying — could expedite the process.

A seastead, though, is at the very least an interesting idea; one that, should it fulfill their creator’s dreams, help the U.S. economy by providing nearby and more convenient access to some of the world’s rising stars in the technology sector.

It seems possible that, someday very soon, America’s next great entrepreneurs could be going nautical before they earn their first dollar.

Source: Huffington Post, “Blueseed, World’s First Startup Ship, Gains Steam,” Nate C. Hindman, May 7, 2012

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