/Big day looms for California Governor as immigration bills await

Big day looms for California Governor as immigration bills await

Sunday could prove an incredibly important day for Los Angeles residents and the whole of California, as it is the deadline for Governor Jerry Brown to sign two crucial immigration bills.

On the docket is the TRUST Act (which restricts both local police and state authorities when they share an illegal immigrant’s personal information with federal officials) and AB 2189 (which grants driver’s licenses to deferred action recipients).

Few people think that AB 2189 will be shot down. As the less controversial of the two bills, many believe Brown will sign the bill and grant young immigrants with DACA status the ability to become formally recognized as an approved driver on U.S. roadways.

However, the TRUST Act is a different story. Brown has a history of passing immigrant-friendly measures, but there is speculation that he will not give the TRUST Act the go-ahead. Even if it were to pass, there has been outspoken criticism of the bill from inside the police ranks; including here in Los Angeles, where the county police sheriff opposes the bill. That means the authorities could still enforce the Secure Communities program when dealing with illegal immigrants as it would supersede the TRUST Act.

Operating on the assumption that both bills are OK’d by the Governor, illegal immigrants can still face serious discrimination or unfair circumstances when they are arrested or face deportation.

They can be unjustly be accused of crimes and even have their case expedited as local and federal authorities look to deport them as quickly as possible without much legal interference. This is wrong, and it makes a deported person’s case extremely difficult to prove once they have been forcibly removed from the country.

Source: Multi-American, “2 key immigration bills are pending on Brown’s desk – will he sign?,” Leslie Berestein Rojas, Sept. 27, 2012

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