Authorities arrest 10 undocumented immigrants

It is sometimes thought that once an individual is arrested for being illegally in or around the Los Angeles area that he or she will automatically be deported. This is usually not the case. Although different jurisdictions have different procedures, if an individual is found to be undocumented, he or she is usually taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, and moved to an immigration detention facility.

Undocumented immigrants have the right to speak with an attorney when they are in the custody of the police or ICE. They will usually be required to appear in front of an immigration judge, so hiring a lawyer who can explain their rights and fight for their ability to stay in the country and avoid deportation can be important.

Ten allegedly illegal immigrants may want to consider hiring a lawyer for these reasons after being stopped by the authorities recently. Authorities plan to transfer them to the custody of federal immigration officials.

The people were traveling in a van when authorities pulled them over for speeding. The driver was unable to produce a valid driver’s license; he only had his Mexican-issued identification card. He told authorities that he was being paid to transport his passengers to New Mexico. All 10 people, including three juveniles, were arrested and were being held at a detention center.

No matter how open and shut a case may appear, it is important not to prejudge. These individuals are entitled to their day in court to ensure that they are treated fairly and that their rights are protected.

Source: Associated Press, “Ten undocumented immigrants nabbed in N. Ariz.,” Jan. 15, 2013