If you have questions about asylum and you/your family’s eligibility for this immigration status, check out the frequently asked questions in this three-part blog. If you have additional questions not answered herein or would like some specific information regarding your case, the Los Angeles immigration lawyers at the Hanlon Law Group welcome you to meet with them as soon as you can.

Check out these asylum FAQs to learn more about the eligibility requirements for asylum in the U.S. For more info, contact the Hanlon Law Group.

Check out these asylum FAQs to learn more about the eligibility requirements for asylum in the U.S. For more info, contact the Hanlon Law Group.

Q: What is asylum?

A: In general, asylum refers to the protection that a government grants to an immigrant who is trying to escape harm in his or her home country (because of, for example, political unrest or potential religious persecution). To be granted asylum in the U.S., immigrants have to officially file a Form I-589 (Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal) with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Q: Am I eligible for asylum?

A: To be eligible for asylum in the U.S., you have to be:

  • Already physically present in the U.S. or arriving to the country via an official port-of-entry
  • Filing for asylum within one year of your arrival to the U.S.
  • Demonstrate that the circumstances in your country of origin (or your own personal circumstances) have substantially changed if you are attempting to file for asylum after being in the U.S. for longer than one year.

You must also be able to demonstrate that you would suffer from religious, political, racial or other types of persecution if you returned to your country of origin and that there is not another country where you could safely reside.

Q: If I am in the U.S. illegally, will I lose my eligibility to apply for asylum?

A: No – regardless of whether you are in the U.S. legally or illegally, you can still be eligible for asylum. You must, however, meet the above-described requirements when applying. There may be other requirements you have to fulfill as well, so it’s advised that you meet with an experienced lawyer to see if you qualify for asylum.

Q: If I have a criminal record, can I still apply for asylum?

A: You can apply for asylum if you have been convicted of a crime, but whether or not you will be granted asylum will depend on the nature of the crime(s) associated with your conviction(s). Additionally, if you do not disclose your criminal record in your Form I-589 and/or during your asylum interview, you can be seen as committing perjury and, therefore, could immediately lose your opportunity to be granted asylum.

Look for the upcoming second part of this blog for more important information regarding asylum in the U.S.

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