The U.S. government’s attempt to get the injunction on President Barack Obama’s immigration executive action has recently been shut down by a federal appeals court. According to the ruling, which was handed down last week, Texas Judge Hanen’s preliminary injunction that was issued on February 16th will remain in place until the next hearing in this case, which has been set for the first week of July.

A federal appeals court has recently rejected a Justice Dept request to lift the injunction against the IEA, a Los Angeles immigration attorney explains.

A federal appeals court has recently rejected a Justice Dept request to lift the injunction against the IEA, a Los Angeles immigration attorney explains.

Interestingly, the Justice Department will not fight the recent ruling. Instead, it will remain focused on preparing for the July hearing before the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Explaining this decision, Justice Department Spokesperson Patrick Rodenbush has stated:

The Department of Justice is committed to taking steps that will resolve the immigration litigation as quickly as possible in order to bring greater accountability to our immigration system by prioritizing deporting the worst offenders, not people who have long ties to the United States and who are raising American children…The department believes the best way to achieve this goal is to focus on the ongoing appeal on the merits of the preliminary injunction itself.

Background on the Case: How It Came to this Stage

Obama’s immigration executive action has been the focus of much controversy since it was announced in November 2014.

In fact, one day before the first stages of the action were to take effect, Judge Hanen issued an injunction to stop the order, contending that the action was unconstitutional. As Hanen explained when issuing this injunction earlier this year, blocking the action was intended to prevent “irreparable harm” that could have been caused by it, as “the genie would be impossible to put back in the bottle” if the action is later deemed to be unconstitutional.

This move to try to permanently stop the immigration executive action from being realized has been supported by 26 states, as well as various Republican politicians and others.

While the Justice Department had tried to get this injunction lifted by the appeals court as this case is being resolved, the court has – for now – sided with Judge Hanen, refusing to lift the ban.

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