It has long been feared that allowing immigrant works to obtain legal status in the Los Angeles area would negatively affect the job prospects of U.S. citizens. This is a fear that has been hotly debated in employment-based immigration forums. However, many research organizations say that an increase in the labor work force would actually help American workers rather than hurt them.

One such organization is the Congressional Budget Office that reported recently that adding the six million workers that the new immigration bill calls for may lower average wages by .01 percent initially, but eventually the average would rise to .5 percent higher than if the bill was not passed and the new immigrant workers did not enter the country.

The report points out the fact that the average would be pulled down initially only because the new immigrants would likely be paid less than the average domestic workers. Because there would be such a large number of them, the average wage amount would be pulled down. It most likely would not have an effect on the majority of U.S. workers.

A University of California Davis economist says that the influx of immigrant workers can actually increase wages and improve the economy. This is because the new labor can allow American companies to take advantage of the opportunity to hire specialized workers and lead to more productivity and even produce jobs for Americans.

While congressmen and woman discuss the ins and outs of this new immigration bill, it is still possible for those non-U.S. citizens who wish to work in the country to do so. Employment-based immigration is a way for U.S. companies to hire employees who fit the needs of the company and for immigrants who wish to live and work in the country to do so.

Source: The New York Times, “Immigration and the Labor Market,” Eduardo Porter, June 25, 2013