/After immunity announcement, fraud concerns rise for applicants

After immunity announcement, fraud concerns rise for applicants

We are only a few weeks removed from the major announcement by the Obama Administration that many young illegal immigrants will have the chance to earn immunity from deportation proceedings, but there seem to be some issues with the U.S. immigration provision.

No, it does not have anything to do with the implementation or wording on the new measure. Unfortunately, though, there are fears of a sinister movement to try and scam illegal immigrants who apply for the immunity.

The potential fraudulent activity stems from two factors. First, by its very nature, immigration law (and any issue pertinent to immigration) is complicated; and thus, many potential applicants will believe the first, easy thing they hear regarding the immunity application. And second, with this new immunity procedure just getting established, federal officials still have not created the process for how a young person would apply for deportation immunity.

In the absence of the official application process, some people may receive solicitation from individuals (or groups) who claim to be helpful and knowledgeable representatives of the immunity process. An applicant would be tempted to pay them or give them their information so that they can get the immunity process underway. However, no such process exists and officials say that it could be another six weeks until something official is unveiled.

Vulnerable people could be abused due to the divide between the program’s announcement and official implementation, leading some illegal immigrants to lose their money or personal information.

With the complexities often involved with immigration matters and given these fears, proceed with caution when suspicious people or groups attempt to help you with an immunity application.

Source: Associated Press, “Fraud a danger for immigrants offered work permits,” Manuel Valdes, July 2, 2012

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