When we think of immigrants in the Los Angeles area, we tend to think of young people from Mexico. Yet there is also a large population of people who have come from other countries such as China and the Philippines. Many of them are young, working-age adults, but there are also those who come to the United States when they are older with the dream of becoming citizens.

This was the case for a 99-year-old woman who was recently granted citizenship. The woman came to the United States from her native country of Iran 15 years ago in order to be closer to her three children who live in the states. She went back to Iran six years ago in order to take care of her husband who was diagnosed with brain cancer. After his death four years ago, she wanted to come back to the United States, but because she had been gone longer than six months, her green card was in danger of being revoked. Her daughter went to Iran and helped her through the legal process that enabled her to return to Los Angeles.

She recently took part in a naturalization ceremony at the Los Angeles Convention Center where she became the oldest person so far this year who has been granted citizenship in the Los Angeles Area. Of all the immigrants who have become citizens in the past 50 years, only 27 have been older than 100.

This woman proves that you are never too old to live your dreams of becoming a U.S. citizen. If you wish to do so, no matter what your age, you may benefit from speaking with an immigration attorney.

Source: Fox News, “At last, at 99, Iranian immigrant achieves dream of becoming a US citizen in Los Angeles,” July 26, 2013