When preparing to resolve your important immigration issues, meeting with a lawyer to discuss your options for proceeding can be the best way to figure out how to move forward.

While you may have a lot of questions specific to your situation, making a point to ask the following questions as well can shed some light on whether you will want to retain that lawyer to represent and help you.

What to Ask in a Consult with an Immigration Attorney

immigration interview
immigration interview
  1. What is your experience with immigration cases like mine? – Immigration law covers a number of different types of cases, from those involving requests for visas and naturalization to others related to deportation or removal from the U.S. Each of these cases can require extensive work, unique processes and potentially even courtroom representation. And having an attorney on your side who understand the process you will be going through – and who knows how to troubleshoot the possible challenges that can arise – will be essential to obtaining the best possible outcomes.
  2. How much of your practice is dedicated to immigration cases? – Just because an attorney practices immigration law does not mean that it is his or her exclusive or primary focus. So be sure to ask about other practice areas a lawyer has so that you can better understand whether that lawyer will prioritize your case (or not).
  3. Will you be overseeing my case through to its resolution? – Or will your case be passed off to another lawyer you don’t know – or worse yet, a non-lawyer associate at the firm? Knowing this upfront can help you figure out whether you should place your case (and trust) in a particular lawyer’s hands.
  4. What specifically will you do to help me? – Will the lawyer complete and submit all paperwork on your behalf? Will (s)he oversee the other administrative work essential to your case? And will (s)he be available to attend interviews or court hearings with you? Asking about the level of service you can expect with a lawyer is another important step to determining whether that professional is a good choice for you.
  5. Do you have references or former clients I can talk to? – Whether or not you plan on contacting these references, ask this question anyways, as it can reveal how confident a lawyer is about the services (s)he provides, as well as how happy (s)he has made former clients.
  6. Why are you a better choice than other immigration attorneys I may be considering? – A good immigration lawyer should have a persuasive, compelling answer to this question.

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