immigration interview
immigration interview

The interview portion of the visa application process can be one of the most critical steps to securing a visa. That’s because USCIS officials can obtain some important information from interview interactions, and a positive interview can go a long way towards a positive visa decision.

To help prepare you for these interviews, below is an overview of some of the most common mistakes to avoid making in order to avoid potentially sabotaging your visa application.

  1. Failing to be truthful on visa application forms – Providing inaccurate, incomplete or erroneous information on visa applications can lead to, at the very least, delays in processing the request. In the most serious cases, it can result in applicants being permanently barred from obtaining U.S. visas or possibly even criminal charges being filed against these applicants.
  2. Failing to provide the essential supporting documentation – Depending on the type of visa an applicant is seeking, supporting documentation (like, for instance, marriage licenses, employment documentation, etc.) may be required with visa application forms. Failing to provide this documentation can also result in extra delays, which may be detrimental to applicants if they need to secure visas within a specific time frame.
  3. Failing to bring a translator to the interview – For applicants who have trouble understanding and/or speaking English, it’s critical they bring a translator with them to their visa interview. Failing to do so can prevent USCIS interviewers from getting all of the information they need to make a positive decision in these situations.
  4. Failing to communicate civilly with the USCIS interviewer – In other words, applicants can create additional problems or complications for their visa applications when they are combative with interviewers.
  5. Failing to prepare for the interview – Although not every USCIS visa interview is the same, there are some common questions that are asked during these interviews. Taking the time to be familiar with these questions and be ready to provide an appropriate response can be pivotal to a successful interview – and to the success of a visa application.

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