Whether you are in the process of applying for permanent residency or you have been a U.S. permanent resident for some time, there are some important things you should know about green cards (or, as they are also known, permanent resident cards). We’ll point out some of these things below.

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Green Cards – Here’s What You Should Know

1 – Green cards can be conditional or temporary.

US Visa & Permanent Resident cards
US Visa & Permanent Resident cards

In fact, when someone is granted status as a conditional permanent resident, that individual’s green card will only be valid for two (2) years. To change a conditional green card into a permanent resident card, a petition to remove the condition has to be filed with USCIS within 90 days of the card’s expiration date.

If this step is not taken:

  • The condition won’t be removed.
  • The conditional card cannot be renewed.
  • The individual will lose his permanent resident status.

2 – Green cards don’t have to be signed.

Specifically, USCIS may waive the requirement to sign green cards when card holders are:

  • Children younger than 18
  • Individuals who are physically disabled and, consequently, unable to sign green cards

When these waivers have been granted, the area where the cardholder’s signature should be will have the phrase “Signature Waived” instead.

3 – Green cards expire and have to be renewed.

In general, green cards are issued for 10-year periods. This means that, a decade after the date on which a green card is issued, the card will expire and will have to be renewed for the cardholder to maintain his permanent resident status. While renewal of green cards can be done online or via mail, it must be done within 6 month of the card’s expiration date.

If you are holding an old version of the card (such as an alien registration card), this antiquated version will need to be replaced with a valid green card (either now or within three months of your current card expiring).

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