Immigration scams can ruin people financially while also potentially harming their legal status in the U.S. While it can be difficult for foreign nationals to know the red flags of these scams and the conmen who run them, understanding how to submit documents to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can be the key to helping people avoid being victimized by these scams.

To this end, USCIS has published some simple, yet effective, tips for filing immigration applications and documents with the agency. We’ll point out some of the most important of these tips below.

When Filing Immigration Documents with USCIS

scam alert stop sign
scam alert stop sign

All forms needed to apply for any change to your immigration status are available for free at

  • Before completing any form, make sure you read the instructions so you fill out all of the requested fields (and submit any additional documentation that may be necessary for your issue/situation).
  • Before submitting a form to USCIS, make sure that you sign it – and that you understand what you are signing.
  • Never sign any USCIS forms that do not contain true and accurate information regarding you/your situation.
  • Never sign blank USCIS forms (as someone else could fill in inaccurate or untrue info on them later).
  • Check with USCIS before sending in any filing fees – or before giving anyone money to submit filing fees on your behalf.
  • USCIS does not accept cash payments for filing fees. Instead, these fees can only be paid via a money order, a valid credit card or a certified check.
  • If you make a payment to a lawyer or representative who will be filing forms on your behalf, get a receipt.
  • Keep a copy of every form you file with USCIS (or that is filed on your behalf with USCIS).
  • After filing your forms, keep the USCIS receipt that is sent to you.
  • Use the number on the back of this receipt to track the status of your application/forms.
  • Before retaining a lawyer or non-lawyer to help you apply for any immigration status change, verify this professional is licensed or properly certified to handle such matters. You can check with your state’s bar association (for attorneys) or with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) (for non-lawyers).

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