As of 2015, California became one of 10 states allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses due to the passage of California’s Assembly Bill 60 last year. On Friday January 1st – the very first day that undocumented people could apply for CA immigrant driver’s licenses, nearly 6,200 people within the state submitted official requests for these licenses.

Over the next three years, state officials expect that about 1.4 million CA immigrant driver’s licenses will be issued by the CA Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Obtaining CA Immigrant Driver’s Licenses: The Requirements

CA immigrant driver’s licenses are now available through the DMV. About 1.4 million CA immigrant driver’s licenses are expected to be issued by 2018.

CA immigrant driver’s licenses are now available through the DMV. About 1.4 million CA immigrant driver’s licenses are expected to be issued by 2018.

In order for undocumented people in California to obtain CA immigrant driver’s licenses, they must provide the DMV with:

  • Proof of their identity – This can include passports issued by a home country, birth certificates, etc. In general, the DMV will require fewer documents to establish someone’s identity when the forms of proof are secure and can be verified electronically (such as through another agency’s website).
  • Proof of their California residency – Generally, items like rental leases, mortgages and bills (that have both a person’s name and physical address on them) can be used to establish residency in the state of California. Also, though, items like letters from employers, domestic violence shelters, etc. can qualify as proof of California residency.

Interestingly, in the event that people are unable to supply the necessary documentation to the DMV to obtain CA immigrant driver’s licenses, the DMV also provides a process by which these individuals can meet with the department and undergo a “secondary review process.”

This has been a groundbreaking new feature related only to CA immigrant driver’s licenses (as other states currently do not offer this). With the secondary review process, people will have the opportunity to provide their children’s birth certificates and/or school enrollment documents as the necessary proof for obtaining CA immigrant driver’s licenses.

As Kiran Savage-Sangwan, an organizer for the ACLU, has pointed out, “overall, the state of California and the DMV is really committed to making sure

[the program for CA immigrant driver’s licenses] is a successful program… you can see that in these regulations.”

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